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Natrolix Turmeric Oil-Extracting Face Mask

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Are you plagued with oily skin?! There’s nothing more frustrating than extremely oily skin in the middle of scorching summer heat. If you have oily skin, we hear you and we understand your pain. That is what has motivated us to formulate a face mask that will extract the dirt and oil in your pores that help contribute to your overactive sebaceous glands. Finally, we have created a product that will become your best friend if you have oily skin. Without further ado, we are elated to present to you our Natrolix Turmeric Oil-Extracting Face Mask.

✅ Significantly reduces oily appearance with one use

✅ Combats acne breakouts

✅ Reduces the size of enlarged pores

✅ Fades facial scars and blemishes 

✅ Extends makeup application

Key Ingredients

·         Turmeric

·         Sea Mud

·         Jojoba Extract

·         Coptis Root

·         Kochia Extract

What causes oily skin?

Everybody technically has oily skin. Sebaceous glands on our face produce sebum to protect and moisturize our hair and skin. However, when our sebaceous glands become overactive, oily skin becomes problematic. Overactive sebaceous glands create a nightmare when they cause skin to appear and feel greasy. An overabundance of sebum on your face can lead to clogged enlarged pores, acne, and it can ruin makeup application within minutes.

Turmeric Benefits

·         Regulates the production of sebum from sebaceous glands

·         Combats acne breakouts with antibacterial properties

·         Promotes healing via anti-inflammatory properties

·         Reduces frequency of acne breakouts

·         Decreases acne inflammation

·         Minimizes appearance of acne scars

·         Provides natural glow

·         Brightens dark patches and spots on skin

·         Helps maintain healthy skin pH

·         Soothes irritated skin

·         Combats premature aging

Net Weight 4.2 Oz. 120g

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