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Natrolix Ultra Whitening Cream

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Recommended to use in conjunction with Natrolix Whitening Lotion to allow for versatile usage.

This is the most versatile whitening cream on the market. This cream:

  • provides an instant whitening effect/appearance with each application when used alone
  • can be used alone for actual skin lightening of targeted areas
  • can be used on your full body, when used in conjunction with our Natrolix Whitening Lotion, which allows for maximum skin lightening effects

When it comes to skin lightening, our Natrolix Ultra Lightening Cream is indeed the holy grail! This cream was specially formulated to deliver maximum strength skin lightening in a mild gentle manner. Action packed with a combination of whitening agents that are PROVEN to work! This preparation is perfect for combating unwanted tans, evening skin tone, overall skin lightening, and so much more! 

Instructions:  Apply to clean dry skin daily. Massage cream into skin thoroughly and completely. For mild results, use once daily on desired areas. For maximum results, use three times daily on desired areas. For full body usage, apply cream along with Natrolix Whitening Lotion for maximum skin lightening. 

Active Ingredients: Kojic acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, and Glutathione

Net Weight: 100g


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