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Osmanthus Essential Oil Handmade Soap

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Feature: Removal of dead skin, lightening effect, gradual freckle removal, skin cleanser, promotes relaxation, reduces stress, creates aphrodisiac, soothes irritated skin, anti-acne properties

100% handmade from natural ingredients

This osmanthus soap bar is specially formulated with osmanthus essential oil, osmanthus flower, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. It thoroughly cleanses your skin, and gently polishes away dead skin cells. Most importantly, it leaves you with a brighter healthier skin.

Beneficial Ingredients:

  • Osmanthus essential oil- relieves fatigue, stress, and depression; relaxes nerves and muscles. Improves skin and detoxifies the body.
  • Osmanthus flower- enhances skin tone and color
  • Palm oil- lightens skin gradually and naturally

Directions: Lather bar well on wet cloth. Exfoliate skin thoroughly with Natrolix Exfoliator. Rinse skin thoroughly. For maximum results, use with Natrolix Whitening Body Lotion. 

Net Weight: 110g

*Because soap is handmade with natural ingredients, no two bars of soap will have the exact pattern. For example, one bar may have larger pieces of flower petals than another bar. However, rest assured, all bars of soap will have the same ingredients. 

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