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The Maintenance Band

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When we pay hundreds of dollars for a hairstyle, WE WANT IT TO LAST! We spend $200+ for a wig, then $200+ for its installation, and we expect it to last for quite some time. Our stylists slay us, and have our edges slicked to the heavens, and we stunt for the world to see.

Three days later, those slicked edges start to look like stuck together edges. Within 7 days of our installs, those baby hairs are gone, and we have already started to plan for our next appointment for a maintenance touch up. If money is tight, we go buy adhesive to stretch our install a little longer. We try to fix it ourselves, often times creating a hot mess.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to The Maintenance Band. Created with proprietary stretchy material, it melts your edges in place, and keeps them there while you shower, work out, play, sleep, lay and everything in between!

Available with your choice of either a tie-wrap or velcro-style closure, you will absolutely love this band. Adjustable closures allow it to fit as tight or as loose as you want. If you want your edges to stay put, invest in this band. When used properly, it extends your sleek edges for days and even weeks! Built to last, it comes with an exclusive Optimum Beauty Shop USA 1-year warranty. If your Maintenance Band doesn’t last you at least 1 year, send it back to us, and we will replace it. No questions asked.


  • Extends wig installs & touch ups for days-weeks
  • Can be used in the shower to combat slippage due to sweat
  • Keeps edges flat and in place
  • Stays on while sleeping
  • Keeps wigs in place longer by reinforcing adhesive bonds
  • Can be used as an edge wrap to keep bonnets on while sleeping
  • Available in child sizes to extend the life of hairstyles.
  • Can also be used as reinforcement to keep child bonnets in place
  • Built to last years
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